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Training for Adult Dogs

Paul provides specialist and uniquely designed one-to-one training sessions for both dogs and their owners. Having trained and rehabilitated dogs for over 30 years as well as training both household pets and working dogs (to FTCH) standard, he is an experienced behaviourist able to advise on any difficulties that a dog may have.

He has an excellent reputation throughout the East of England for providing a service that is second to none.  Having made an initial assessment, he works in partnership with the dog's owners to address the problem.

Often, where behavioural issues arise, the problem lies partly with the owner and partly the dog.  Neither is to blame and it is normally a case of the dog not understanding what is required of them and the owner not fully realising the dog's needs. Working with them both, Paul can help dog and owner understand each other better and find solutions to behavioural difficulties.

Paul trains on a one-to-one basis, using a quiet technique to create confidence and trust in the dog. As you'd expect, all training is reward-based.

If you're having problems with your dog and you'd like to know what's going on then feel free to call Paul for a chat on 01953 718 381 or 07913 792 353.

We also train puppies!