Thornwood Kennels
Home from home for your best friends

Board your dogs with us

Each kennel here is exceptionally large, even the smallest kennel is 1.5 times the legal requirement. Our largest kennel can accommodate 5 Labradors in comfort which makes our kennel perfect for the multi-dog household.

All dogs have access to covered outside runs whilst their indoor area is centrally heated, with each kennel having an individual heater.

We exercise every dog that stays with us up to three times a day in our two-acre paddock. Ample exercise means that all the dogs here are relaxed, something you'll notice on your first visit is that it's often extremely quiet!

We are very proud of our kennels and do all we can to ensure that your dog's stay with us is a happy one. We are always delighted to show visitors our facilities and answer any queries they might have.

All food and bedding is provided by us. We stock numerous brands and types and aim to keep your pet on the same food as we don't want to upset our residents! We do ask that owners bring something soft that smells of home like a blanket or cushion.

Rates and Hours