Thornwood Kennels
Home from home for your best friends

Who are we?

Thornwood Kennels, owned and run by Paul Betterton with his wife Mairi, is set in 5 beautiful acres of countryside just outside the village of East Harling, Norfolk.

Paul is a well-respected and renowned trainer and behaviourist and therefore we are in a unique position to be able to offer the experience necessary to deal with a range of pets. Lots of our regular boarders come to us because they trust us with their specific requirements. This includes a number of dogs that are, or were:

  • Nervous
  • First-time boarding puppies
  • Older dogs with age-related issues
  • Have never been away from home before

If you're worried about your dog's stay then do please give us a call and chat it through.

Why Thornwood?

We offer a safe, clean, comfortable and quiet environment for your pets. We take enormous care to ensure that all the dogs are relaxed and stress free and enjoy their stay. Owners can therefore be content in the knowledge that when they return to collect their pets they will be welcomed with very waggy tails.

So if you're unsure about whether to board your pets or if you just want to talk about the sort of support and requirements that can be covered, please give us a call! You can find all our details on the contact page or call us at 01953 718 381 or 07913 792 353.