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Puppy Training

As with adult dogs, Paul also offers one-to-one training for puppies. He gives advice from 8 weeks through the most important and formative stages to ensure the puppy becomes a happy and balanced member of the family.

In the crucial first months that a puppy is introduced to their new home it's important to get things right. Training your puppy after they've already got into bad habits takes a lot more work and can generally be avoided by simply knowing the right approach to build healthy behaviours and teach the puppy how to become part of your lifestyle.

Often home visits are crucial during the puppy stage. Paul can make suggestions on how to improve both the environment itself as well as educate the owners and everyone who interacts with the puppy to make sure everyone is on the same page.

If your new puppy is less of a household pet and hoping to grow up a bright and loyal working dog, Paul will be able to work with you to develop an efficient training plan that works well for both yourself and the puppy. Having trained dogs to FTCH standard and with years of experience, your new working partner is in solid hands.

If you're not sure whether your puppy needs training or are just unsure regarding a behavioural issue and want to chat to the expert, please get in touch by ringing Paul on 07931 792 353 or 01953 718 381. He'd be glad to help get you and your puppy off to the best start possible.

We also train adult dogs!