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Specialist Dog Rehabilitation

Many dogs present an array of behaviours which are simply alien to their owners. Often these are very simple issues which can be resolved with the correct responses from us, which allow the dog to realise that we understand what they are trying to communicate.

Sadly there are times when the issues are far more serious and deep-seated, ingrained from bad experiences and situations. In these circumstances it can take far more than correcting how we act and how we try to communicate. It requires an understanding of how the dog has come to exhibit the unwanted behaviours and a knowledge of how to 'unlock the door' which allows the dog to relax and become balanced once again.

Paul has helped rehabilitate countless dogs over the years. He has a wealth of experience dealing with dogs across a very broad spectrum ranging from severely traumatised pups to ex-racers not being able to co-exist with smaller pooches right through to seriously aggressive dogs including trained 'Attack' dogs.

Occasionally Paul uses his own dogs to help 'bring the dog back'. In the past he worked alongside a Springer Spaniel named Wills (who himself was a rescue) and those that were lucky enough to see Wills in action were truly amazed. Paul now has two Labradors, a mum and daughter, who perform similar tasks and it is hoped that the younger one reaches the heights of Wills who sadly left us in 2013.

If you've got a dog who needs a helping hand and you don't know where to start, please call Paul for a chat on 01953 718 381 or 07913 792 353.